Top 10 Deal Breakers: Reasons why your man may not want you anymore

Are you currently single, and have wondered “What really went wrong?” with some of the guys that you used to talk to in your past? Did the guy stop randomly texting you? Did he suggest that he rather be just friends? Did he stop taking you out on dates? Well I had the pleasure of speaking to a few men, and with that, I was able to compile the TOP 10 Deal Breaker list on why your man may not want you anymore. This list is in random order, because different guys have different preferences, but overall this is how they felt. Below is a response from each man.

Top 10 Deal Breakers: Reasons Why Your Man May Not Want You Anymore

1. Bad Attitude/Always Negative:

Man 1: I was once in a relationship with a girl who always had this bad energy. She was always mad or annoyed about something, that it started to affect my mood and thought process.

Man 2: I can’t be with someone who is always negative and never sees the brighter side of things.

Man 3: Energy is contagious, and if the energy she exudes is always negative, it will ultimately affect me

2. How she carries herself:

Man 1:No man wants to be with a lady who does not know how to clean up well, especially when heading out in public. We are a reflection of each other.

Man 2: I can’t be with a lady who is always posting half naked pictures on social media looking for attention, or always in the club. It’s not a good look.

Man 3: I want to be with a lady that demands respect in any setting and has a high standard of excellence for herself

3. Talking down on him.. not letting him be the man..not having his back:

Man 1: Once a lady starts talking down on me, I get completely turned off. Please do not talk to me like I am 13. I demand the same respect that you demand from me.

Man 2:I would appreciate my girl having my back in a public setting.. even if I am wrong, don’t gang up on me with other people especially strangers. Later we can discuss the matter behind closed doors.

Man 3: When you emasculate a man in any form, you are tearing him down bit by bit which is the extreme opposite of what you should be doing.

4. Sex: 

Man 1: When I was younger, I definitely believed sex was needed for a relationship, but now I am not as quick to want it. But I do think it is an important part of the relationship at some point.

Man 2: If my girl told me she wanted to be celibate, I have no problem with that, but I have to know that she is worth the wait. If not, I can’t guarantee that I will be sticking around.

Man 3: There is always a probability of a person changing your views on a subject manner, this one being sex. Sex for many people is a standard, and the deprivation of sex usually leads one to wonder.

5. Does not know her way around the kitchen:

Man 1: “The way to a mans heart is sex and FOOD”. If you don’t know how to cook, honestly I don’t know if I can date you, especially if you are not willing to learn. If she is willing, then I could try to work with her. But I know I can’t marry someone who can’t cook, especially coming from a family where all the women know how to cook.

Man 2: I’m sorry but my girl who I would ultimately want to make my wife, would need to know how to cook. I know how to cook, but it would be nice to know my girl can handle herself in the kitchen as well. I also would like to know she will be able to feed my future children as well.

Man 3: Food is essential to the soul. A lady who cannot cook for herself and provide herself with meals, makes me question how she can take care of herself.

6. Cheater: 

Man 1: Once my trust is broken, I won’t be able to look at you the same again.

Man 2: I was cheated on once, and it made me despise women for a while. But now I am just more careful about the women I decide to date.

Man 3: When someone shows you their true colors believe them. Things that happen are bound to happen again.

7. Cant get over your past: 

Man 1: I don’t care how much I may like the girl, if I find out she has a promiscuous past, it will be hard for me to not think of her past encounters

Man 2:Everyone deserves a second chance, but to pretty much sum it up I don’t want to be the one to , ” Turn a Hoe into a Housewife” .

Man 3: It is hard to trust someone who has a questionable past.

8. Too Clingy:

Man 1:I need to know that my woman has a life of her own and something going for her. I understand communication is key, but with my lifestyle I can’t text Morning, Afternoon, and Night. My girl will always feel appreciated, but she can’t be too needy.

Man 2: If she drops her friends and family for me, that is a big problem. I want her to be able to have time for me of course, but still with those who came before me. Because I know there will be times, I will hang out with my family and friends without her.

Man 3:Everybody needs their personal space, if she is too clingy, you feel clustered, and she gradually starts to become annoying

9. Always expecting.. never giving: 

Man 1: I have no problem spoiling my girl, but when she feels entitled to getting everything she wants every time, it becomes a turnoff.

Man 2: I have no problem picking up the tab, but it would be nice to see my girl spoil me once in a while or surprise me.

Man 3: Someone who takes and never gives becomes draining.

10. Family Oriented:

Man 1:I am very close with my family, so it would be nice to be with a lady who comes from a traditional family that carries out certain values that she will one day have in her own home.

Man 2: I want to be with a woman who understands the importance of family, and is willing to work for something bigger than herself.

Man 3: You need someone who understands the importance of time spent with the family, and she understands that lasting love requires patience and most times will be imperfect.

Hope this TOP 10 List helps all the woman out there!

Thank for reading !

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