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So I decided to switch it, so here are the TOP 10 DEAL BREAKERS: REASONS WHY YOUR WOMAN MAY NOT WANT YOU ANYMORE.

I had the pleasure of speaking to a few women, and with that, I was able to compile the TOP 10 Deal Breaker list on why your WOMAN may not want you anymore. This list is in random order, because different women have different preferences, but overall this is how they felt. Below is a response from each woman.

Top 10 Deal Breakers: Reasons Why Your Woman May Not Want You Anymore

1. Cheater/Liar:

Woman 1: If you  are lying to me about simple stuff like your whereabouts, then I really can’t trust you, and without trust there is no relationship . If you have been cheating and lying to me then you don’t value me and the relationship like I value and respect you. And don’t say you did not tell me to spare my feelings because you ” Love Me”, I need the truth rather than you lying repeatedly.

Woman 2: If you cheat on me it will really be hard for me to trust you again, knowing what you are capable of.

Woman 3: If you can cheat on me one time, you will definitely cheat on me again. In a relationship you are innocent until proven guilty, so once that trust is broken, it will be hard to continue having a pure genuine relationship.

2. Consistency:

Woman 1: Little things that you did in the beginning like ” Good Morning texts or random cute gestures” don’t need to fade out now that I’m your girlfriend. I understand it won’t happen all the time, but work hard for me in the relationship like you worked hard to make me your girl.

Woman 2: If you are always taking me out, sending me flowers, talking to me on the phone, and that just completely STOPS, that can cause misunderstanding and uncertainty. And it also could send mixed signals on where the relationship stands. Staying consistent provides security in the both the woman and the relationship.

Woman 3: If you really really want anything in  life, you will be consistent and driven to have and maintain it. So when you become inconsistent in the relationship, I am no longer a priority and I’m not being valued. And that shows me I may not be of importance at that moment.

3.Not Goal Oriented/Not Ambitious:

Woman 1: I can’t be with someone who is complacent with the present. If I met him with a certain job and pay and a year or two down the line, he hasn’t tried to take himself to the next level, it shows me that he’s happy with being average and not being the best him possible.

Woman 2: I would like my partner to be goal oriented and have set goals and accomplishments that he plans to achieve in his life. Don’t just talk about it, I would like to actually see you obtain those goals. Life always has different obstacles thrown at us, so it is nice to see my man stay focused and motivated to completing the task at hand. And it shows me that he’s not a quitter and has ambition, which also drives me to be better and more ambitious.

Woman 3: I look at my other half as my motivator who can push and support me to be the best me possible, and I can do the same for him as well. You are the company you keep, and if my man lacks being ambitious and is not goal oriented, it doesn’t help uplift me and that type of energy may become draining to deal with.

4. Emotionally Unavailable/ Bad Communication Skills: 

Woman 1: Communication is key for any relationship. If you don’t have communication it makes it harder to grow in the relationship. For example men at times are quick to say, ” I’m good.. I’m straight” when me being your girlfriend I am really concerned with your well being, and this could be something that could possibly bring us closer together. The relationship will never grow if my man can not open up to me and express his initimate thoughts and feelings.

Woman 2: When I am looking  for a partner, I am looking for a confidant. Meaning this is someone I will be able to tell my deepest, darkest secrets to, and I know that it will remain between just us two. A relationship is beyond a physical connection, but also a emotional connection. If he is emotionally unavailable it will be difficult to share an emotional bond with him; which may cause frustration because you will not be able to know all layers of that person,. And in return could put a damper on the relationship.

Woman 3: Communication is the ultimate key in the relationship. You have to be able to tell me what’s on your mind, and not expect me to just know. In order to move on or discuss any situation we have to be able to talk or the relationship will be at a standstill.

5. Bad Hygiene/ Appearance:

Woman 1: You have to look presentable especially in public because you never know who you will meet . We can’t look like complete opposites when walking together in public. Don’t always expect me to dress up as the female, and you don’t do the same . And men please take a shower especially after going to the gym because  there is nothing cute about trying to give your man a hug and bad odor hits you, it just ruins the mood.

Woman 2: Keep yourself together. Simple! Unless there’s a medical issue, Hygiene should not be hard to maintain. Keep yourself groomed, because lack of hygiene shows lack of maintenance, and to me that shows that you are unable to take care of yourself.

Woman 3: Bad Hygiene is the ultimate turn off.. HANDS DOWN. I am all about good scents, and if you have bad hygiene,then most likely there will not be any physical interactions, because I will be turned off at the smell, instead of concentrating on you.

6. Not Spiritual or willing to be Spiritual: 

Woman 1: I need a man to have a relationship with the lord, to be able to have a better relationship with me. And I would love for us to study the bible together, pray together, and form certain habits that will bring us together closer.

Woman 2: God is my absolute foundation, and when I was growing up, I was taught through everything to lean on him and  to always put God First! So if my significant other is not willing to put God in his life, or have God as the foundation in his life then it seems like we will be two different people and I don’t believe the relationship will survive or work.

 Woman 3:  Without God there is no relationship. I am a firm believer in Christ, and without him I feel and know we would never be able to have a healthy relationship.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

7. Not Financially Stable: 

Woman 1: I am all for picking up the tab once in a while, but when I start paying for everything it becomes a turn off. I need to be with someone who is not only thinking about the present but planning for the future. It is important to invest and save money for the long run.  I am all for having nice things, but when you are spending money on new Jordan’s that you have no business buying instead of saving your money or putting it towards something else, I begin to question your values. Knowing that I have a good job and salary, I want to make sure my future partner will be able to bring if not more money, close to me so we can have a stable future.

Woman 2: Financial Stability somewhat tells me about your character. If you are thousands of dollars in debt and all your doing is going to the club, and shop every weekend, or consistently going out to eat instead of getting your bills paid on time, that leads me to believe that you are somewhat of an irresponsible person and you don’t take your financial future seriously. How will I feel secure with you or consider having a family with you if you can’t take care of your finances?

Woman 3: Financial Stability is important to a relationship, because a man’s role is to be a provider. How can I comfortably be in a relationship with you, if you fail to provide for me and my family in the long run.

8. Not Respectful/No Manners/ Insecure:

Woman 1: If you are always comparing yourself to another person or man, that’s a turn off. Be confident in what you have, and grind for what you want. And if you are always accusing me about something because of your insecurities, the relationship will not be healthy at all.

Woman 2: I don’t have a problem with feeding or stroking my mans ego every now and then BUT if you are insecure to the point where you don’t trust anything I do, say or go, it becomes emotionally draining. It’s good to know that your man is confident with you as a woman and the relationship, PLUS confidence is a major turn on.

Woman 3: A guy that is not respectful or does not have manners, shows me he was not properly raised, does not respect his mother, and has no value for women. Insecurities are a deal breaker because its draining to have your man question you  about every and anything because he is insecure and not confident in himself. An insecure man is not healthy for the relationship, because it becomes draining.

9. Showing Appreciation: 

Woman 1: Men feel like you have to buy things to make a woman feel appreciated.. but honestly its the little things.. just checking on me to make sure I’m doing ok during the day, starting dinner early because you get home first, are just a few things to show appreciation.

Woman 2: As a woman, I like to cater specific things to my man, so it’s good to know my partner notices the little things I do. And in return does little kind gestures to make me smile to show that he appreciates me for being me and his woman.

Woman 3: It is always good to know that your man appreciates you, which makes you continue to do those things. If you don’t show appreciation, it feels like the woman is being taking for granted making her want to stop. Put out what you would like to recieve in return.

10. Bad Sex/ Sex:

Woman 1: Unfortunately if the sex is bad, our physical connection will be weak. A relationship isn’t all about sex, but if it does happen, it is important to have that connection.

Woman 2: If a guy does not respect my decision to be celibate, then I know he is not the guy for me.

Woman 3: Sex should not be the main activity in our relationship. It shows that you don’t really love me, you are just in lust with me and my body. And Bad Sex is a turnoff because during sex you want to be pleased, so if I am not getting pleasure but you are then the relationship will not work.

Hope this TOP 10 List helps all the Men out there!

Thanks for reading !

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