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Looking for some tips on how to upgrade your home without breaking the bank? Looking for some new DIY ideas? Or are you simply looking for someone who can assist and revamp a space in your home? Well MonaLisaaStyles is here to help! Lisa Harkness also known as “MonaLisaaStyles” is a homebody who lives in the fast paced city of Atlanta, Ga. Her love for decor and interior designing blossomed  from a young age, then through her love for Pinterest, and always coming up with new ideas to spice up her home. Check out my interview with her below!

1. What is your name? And how did the concept “MonaLisaaStyles” come about?

My name is Lisa and MonaLisaaStyles evolved from my twitter handle @TheMonaLisaa (which was just a play on my name). When I started to display my obsession with home décor on social media, I would use the hashtag #TheMonaLisaaStyles. Eventually, I dropped “the” to separate MonaLisaaStyles from my personal page to my business page. But, the two are still closely intertwined.

2. What inspired you to begin interior decorating? Did you go to school to help perfect this craft, or did you learn on your own?

I’ve always been creative and crafty. My childhood friends probably remember coming to my birthday parties and always leaving with some type of art or craft we made that day. Whether it was a painted glass picture frame or decorative clay pot, I loved to create and make things “pretty” and I wanted to share that with my friends!

In middle school my mother gave me complete creative freedom in my bedroom! I painted my walls purple, doors lime green, and window sills electric blue. It was hideous!! But I loved it! Oh, I can’t forget the purple carpet to match!

I think it was the freedom my mother gave me be creative that struck my love in home décor. I would love to go to school to perfect this craft, and hopefully that will be in the near future!

3.Who are some people in the Interior Decorating Industry that you look up to for guidance, for ways to enhance the MonaLisaaStyles “ brand?

There are so many well-known awesome designers I look up to, but I truly admire the “not so known”. Their designs are so authentic and they put their heart into their projects for every design. I’m currently obsessing over a local Atlanta designer named Erika Ward. I stumbled across her social media and eventually found her blog and website. She is extremely talented and every room she designs is absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to pick her design brain one day.

4. What are 3 words that you would use to describe the MonaLisaaStyles brand? Why?

Glam. Classic. Simple.

I’d have to say, I see a trend in most of the things I create through MonaLisaaStyles, and it’s that I leave a little bit of glam everywhere I go! I love luxe, even if it doesn’t have a “luxurious” price tag. That’s where simple comes in. I love to bring people back to earth and help them realize that revamping a space doesn’t have to be an expensive headache. I keep it simple and budget friendly so that the stress slides out of the window. Home décor is supposed to be fun! Lastly, creating a classic space is so important. I love walking away from a project knowing that the client is left with something they can grow in and not have to change next season.

5. Where would you like to see the brand “MonaLisaaStyles” in 5 years?

In five years, I’d love to see MonaLisaaStyles in the home, office, TV, and movie sets! Décor doesn’t have to stop in the living room.

6. Do you normally work on projects alone, or do you have someone to assist you?

I initially start the décor process alone. I’ll consult with the client and get their vison. Once it’s time to shop, get my hands dirty, and lift heavy things, I turn to my partner Gavin who is such a huge help! He’s also an awesome painter with a keen eye for detail. 

7. Where are you based at the moment? Do you travel upon request to work with a client?

I am currently based in Atlanta but I do offer e-designs for my out of state clients! If I can’t be there physically, I make it easy for clients to complete a space and I’ll provide them with all of the necessary tools!

8. Do you have any advice or tips to readers who want to revamp their home but don’t want to break the bank?

Do It Yourself!! I’d say 75% of the decor in my home are DIY projects. Mainly because the store bought version is ridiculously overpriced.   You’d be surprised what a Pinterest tutorial, spray paint, and a hot glue gun can create! And if you’re not the creative type, is full of people who are. Tons of my wall art are from Etsy, paired with a cheap IKEA frame, and no one would ever know (until now)!

 9. What is one of the biggest obstacles the company has had to endure thus far? And do you have any advice to those who are looking to start their own business?

The biggest obstacle so far has been to stay motivated. Everyone won’t LOVE what you do, but that shouldn’t hinder your love for what you do. Don’t second guess your gift!

10. How can people get in contact with you via email or social media outlets?

The best way to contact me is through my blog Check out my contact page and send me a message! Also, check out MonaLisaaStyles on IG!

Thanks for reading !

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