Dinner With The Other Woman

Have you ever met someone and it seemed to good to be true? From the very first conversation you felt butterflies in your stomach from excitement. You catch yourself losing sleep just to stay up talking all hours of the night. Now you’re at work or school with one eye open from exhaustion, but the conversation was well worth losing six hours of sleep. You are checking your phone every minute to see if its them texting you back. And your heart skips a beat any time you lay eyes on them. You are a very closed off person, and yet they have found a way to make you release your guard down, and know your inner most secrets. You keep asking yourself, ” Man this seems too good to be true”. I’m sure male or female we have all been there at least once. And unfortunately in some circumstances -it was too good to be true. So trust me, you’re not alone. I’m sure as you read the first few sentences, many of you had flashbacks to your own personal experiences. I know I did lol… luckily for me, I’ve learned in this life, ” What God has for me is for me”, so I can’t help but to look at certain situations as life lessons.

Some lessons you see coming your way, and others hit you on the forehead by surprise. In this one particular situation, I would have never dreamed of myself being in that situation, but hey such is life. The lesson I learned was,” What’s done in the dark, will surely come to light”. Just picture this…It’s a Friday night, and you are ready to get some good food and drinks after a long week. You’re new to the city, so any chance you get to explore the city you take. You happen to be meeting with someone who goes to your church in your new city, and also has the same cultural background like you, so you’re excited to make a new friend. You guys decide to do Sushi and drinks because who doesn’t love a good Happy Hour. So I guess you can say.. ” It’s a Girl’s Night Out”. And just like girls, you talk about everything..Life… School… Work… Relationships. Who doesn’t love to hear a good love story? I know I do. She tells you about her current situation and how she’s so in love. And you are single, but talk about the last guy  you dated. You talk about the guy you once dated a few years back but never mention his name. You notice her getting a bit uncomfortable as you speak. She stops you in the middle of your sentence to say, ” I think I know who you dated”. Out of confusion you’re trying to figure out how in the world would this girl know who you’re talking about if you’ve never mentioned his name, only certain characteristics.

She goes ahead and says his name and proceeds to say, ” It looks like we dated him at the same time”. All you can hear is a pin drop on the table. Your hands are sweating under the table. In your mind you’re thinking..” Am I really looking at the other woman?”. You don’t know whether to cry… punch the girl in front of you.. call the guy or what. But you keep your composure and hold everything inside. Shocked you start to ask questions and compare dates and everything lines up perfectly. You start to think of all the lies you were told in the past, and how he made you look crazy, and now everything is making perfect sense. And now staring at you in the flesh, you are having ” Dinner With The Other Woman”. She is as shocked as you because she was unaware that you existed. She also felt the butterflies in her stomach. She also lost sleep just to have those long conversations.  You can’t help but to think to yourself, ” Was it real? Who was I really falling for?”. It’s been some time since that incident occurred, so all I can do is laugh now, but can’t help but to think, ” When do you really get to know someone for who they are?”. Not everyone has ulterior motives, but if you see red flags.. listen to your intuition.

You never know when something you do can be exposed. Whether it be the next day… that week.. or a few years later, it will come to light.Who would have thought a few years later in a completely different city I would come face to face with one of my worst suspicions. So think twice before you decide to do something but just like I mentioned earlier ” What’s done in the dark, will surely come to light”, so I think it is important for us all to treat others how you would want to be treated.


Thanks for reading!

-Madam Koverage

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