“Beauty & Brains” featuring Angela Ohanu

I am so excited for this next feature of  ” Beauty & Brains” ! Not only does she turn heads as she brightens up the room with her gorgeous luscious pink hair, she also turns heads with her smarts and charm. I had the pleasure of meeting this intelligent and humble young woman back in High School. From the moment we met Junior year, she always made it known that she will become a Nurse as an adult, and to see her accomplish her dreams, and now being a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist is so satisfying to watch. She is a perfect example of knowing what you want to do at a young age, and working hard until you reach that goal. Angela Ohanu is the total package from her Beauty, Wit, Fashion, Fitness, Skincare & more, there’s nothing that is stopping her! Check Out her story below!

1.Hello! Please let everyone know who you are! What is your full name?

Angela Ohanu, but I like to go by “Angie”

2.Where were you born & raised? Did your upbringing have an early influence on what you wanted to do as an adult?

I was born and raised in a suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area. I later moved to the Atlanta Metro area during my junior year of high school. Neither of my parents are college educated; so since I can remember my parents have always stressed the importance of becoming college educated. When I lived in California my father first introduced me to a Nurse Practitioner, and after moving to Georgia, my health science class in high school would bring in different medical professionals to showcase the various medical career options which also made me more inquisitive. I would say my parents and my environment were instrumental in positioning me in the medical field.

3.Why did you choose this career? Are you happy with that decision thus far?

My husband, who is also a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist first introduced the profession to me when we were dating while completing our Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Georgia State University. A lot of encouragement from him, and being able to shadow in the operating room as a nurse extern, and trying to secure an Intensive Care Unit new graduate position would be in my best interest until I decided what type of advanced practice degree I wanted to pursue. I am very fulfilled being a CRNA and I enjoy the dynamic nature of my work environment. Every patient and every case there is something different, so there is always something to be learned.

4.How did you prepare yourself for the long journey of becoming a Nurse than CRNA?

I prepared myself by aiming to get the best grades possible. I wasn’t sure when I was going to apply to graduate school, but I understood the importance of not letting my undergraduate grades be a hindrance to that process.

5.How do you handle workload stress and still enjoy life at the same time?

I’m a big believer of leaving work at work and home at home. Following that rule allows me to process my emotions without having an audience while I’m work just trying to do my job. My husband and my closest confidants are either nurses or CRNAs so their level of understanding makes it easier for me to unload my feelings on them without being hesitant that they won’t understand.

6. Describe your day to day activities, priorities, & tasks.

My typical day starts with learning my operating room assignment the day before by reviewing the anesthesia assignment application on my phone. In the morning when I arrive to work I change out into hospital OR scrubs. Then I head to my OR room, I perform an anesthesia machine check, confirm there is an ambu bag, bougie, and supraglottic airways in the room. Regardless of the type of anesthetic I perform I set up a laryngoscope with a MAC 3 blade and I stylet an endotracheal tube. I also add a tongue depressor and an oropharyngeal airway to my “airway roll”. I will draw up my induction medications or set up any drips depending on the patient and/or procedures needs. If the cases in my room finishes before its time for me to go home and there are no add-on cases in that room I can assist with breaks, lunches or take over another OR and send a colleague home until it’s my turn. At my practice CRNAs perform their own epidurals and spinals for the obstetrics practice. We also do our own arterial line and central line placements. We have a pediatric and cardiac team that can be joined after being at the practice for a minimum of one year. However, all employees do healthy pediatric cases like ENT and dental procedures. Our surgery specialties we provide anesthesia services for include general surgery, GI, ENT, vascular, obstetrics, pediatrics, neurosurgery, orthopedic, cardiothoracic, oncology, bariatric, plastics and trauma surgery. We also offer anesthesia services for out-of-OR procedures in the endoscopy suite, vascular lab, cath lab, Biplane, MRI, CT and the cysto room.

7. Tell me about a successful moment or accomplishment you’ve had thus far in your career?

In my few months of practicing as a CRNA I would have to say my successful moments are when my patients wake up and thank me for taking good care of them and saying “great anesthesia”. Nothing is better than a patient fist bumping you, because their anesthesia was stellar.

8. At the end of the day, what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind for people to remember you by?

I want my legacy to show my passion for seeking to bring more awareness to the nurse anesthesia profession, but also educating African American youth about this elite career. Exposure is key in helping develop young minds about future career options. Seeing yourself represented in a profession, shows someone that they are able to achieve this same goal with hard work and dedication.

9. Apart from Nursing, what other hobbies are you passionate about?

While in CRNA school, beauty became an artistic outlet for me to express my feelings, but also, I could become anything I wanted with makeup. Makeup, skincare and haircare are passions of mine. I enjoy trying new products, sharing reviews and recommending products to people.

10. What advice can you give to people trying to enter the Nursing field and fulfill their dreams?

Work hard despite your obstacles. Nursing is an arduous degree to obtain, but it’s rewarding once you do. My biggest advice is to not take someone’s word at face value. Seek to find out information from reliable sources or people who are experts in that topic. Be aggressive in your research and always ask questions.

11. How can people get in contact with you via email or social media outlets? Do you have any upcoming events that people can see you speak at?

Follow me on Instagram @fuchsiaangie

I can be reached via email at fuchsiaangie@gmail.com for business inquires.

I always share any event announcements on my IG page @fuchsiaangie, that is the best way to stay up to date. I also prefer to communicate about any nursing or CRNA questions on my IG.

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