Pregnancy Cravings? What you can eat or should avoid altogether

I’m Pregnant ! Now what? Well first off, Congrats! I hope this is more of an exciting time in your life, than nervous. But you are now eating for TWO! So it is important to make sure your baby gets the important nutrients that it needs. You are the source of nourishment for your baby, so you really have to learn to take care of your health, and watch the foods and drinks you consume. Your choices of food can help stimulate and promote your baby’s growth and development.  A balanced diet includes protein, vitamin C, fruits and veggies, calcium, and whole grains. So try to get a variety of those items in your diet everyday. Along with your prenatal vitamin supplements, and working out, I have a compiled a list of things you can eat, and things you should avoid altogether. Of course these are just a few items, so make sure you get the proper advice on what to eat from your Doctor.

Things You CAN Eat:

1. Water

2. Beans

3. Whole Grains

4. Yogurt

5. Dark Green Vegetables

6. Lean Meats

7. Nuts

8. Mangos

9. Salmon

10. Dried Apricots

11. Cereal

12. Bananas

13. Sweet Potato


Things You CAN’T eat:

1. Avoid Alcohol

2. Avoid raw fish & shellfish

3. Avoid unwashed veggies & fruit

4. Avoid unpasteurized foods & juices

5. Avoid a lot of caffeine

6.Avoid under cooked meat

7. Avoid Seafood high in Mercury

8. Avoid Soft Cheeses

9. Avoid Deli Meats

10. Avoid Leftover foods

11. Avoid raw eggs

12. Avoid Canned foods

13.  Avoid Too much Sugar filled foods

Hope this list helps you throughout your nine months of pregnancy! So good luck, and make sure you feed your baby the important nutrients that it needs! And don’t forget to take care of yourself as well, so it won’t be hard to lose all the weight you gained!

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