Are you holding onto old baggage you have no business carrying? Are you constantly spying on an ex on social media you are “supposedly over”? Are you pushing people away because you still are hurt by a situation that occurred almost two years ago? Well my friend it is TIME TO LET IT GO! Time to say Goodbye to your former favorite Hello!

Now I am not saying that it is easy to let go of a past love, but trust me in the long run you will be doing yourself a huge favor. Everything I mentioned above, I used to do. I held onto old baggage hoping that something would change, but my heart knew it never would. It is easy to get caught up in a situation and start planning for the future in your head. And when things go left.. you are not sure what to do. You don’t want to let go because” you invested SO MUCH time”, you don’t want anyone else to reap your benefits from the things you sacrificed, or you simply don’t want to start all over again in the dating cycle. Well guess what…you just might have to!

It’s crazy how you can talk to someone day in and day out, and one day they turn into complete strangers. Sad, but it happens. You go from talking everyday to talking once a week. You catch them on social media, yet they haven’t returned a text message back to you. They start coming up with excuses on why they are too busy to hang out.. and you start to wonder. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON! A range of emotions and thoughts fill your body and mind. Are they cheating on me? What did I do? Why aren’t they responding? So this is how its going to be? You are mad, sad, frustrated, pissed all in a span of minutes. Trust me it’s normal. If you don’t feel any type of emotion.. that means you never really cared. But if you are normal and have a heart like the rest of us, you can’t help but feel betrayed. So what do you do? You can only control you and your emotions.. so be wise. Don’t be the person to air your dirty laundry on social media ( Especially if you somehow end up back with the person, now you look crazy and stupid). Give yourself time to collect your thoughts and how you will proceed with the situation. You do not want to give the person the upper hand in the situation. They have already hurt you once.. don’t let it happen twice. As hard as it may be, reach out to the person in a calm matter. Now you have two options. You can either request to meet in person or talk over the phone. Please don’t text about the issue, because words will get misconstrued. To officially close a chapter, I would prefer to meet in person, but everyone is different. Just schedule a day preferably in the afternoon in an environment where there are not too many people, so that the discussion is still somewhat private. Before you go, you may want to make a ┬álist of things you want to discuss. Because trust me, you might get there and see the persons face and everything you wanted to discuss goes straight out the window. Be brief and go straight to the point. Address important issues, don’t bring up petty issues, this is your one time to say what you need to say. Hear the person out and then.. again you have two options. You can accept their apology ( if its given) or what they have to say and MOVE ON… or you can give it another shot. Now sometimes all you need to do is talk to your partner and everything is good again. BUT if this person has CONSTANTLY lied, cheated, and deceived you. Don’t let them sweet talk you. Be strong and keep it moving. You want to leave with your pride and heart still in tact.

So the chapter with that person has officially closed. NOW WHAT? Cry? Eat everything your fridge? Sleep your life away? Everyone deals with their emotions differently, so it is ok so let it all out. BUT after a while, you need to wipe those tears away and move on. Just look at it as a learning lesson. Take what you learned and moved on. It should help you become a better person in general, and individual once you are ready to enter a new relationship. And when you finally meet THE ONE, you will realize why it never worked out with those in the past!

Thanks for Reading!

Madam Koverage

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