On Sunday May 6, 2018, I had the opportunity to try out a new Brunch Spot in Chicago called ” SteakBar”. Since I now live in Chicago, you know I had to try out a great Brunch Spot since Chicago is supposedly known for great restaurants. I was invited for a Birthday Brunch with about 15-20 other people so we definitely had a big crowd.

Since Chicago is known for not having any parking anywhere, I took Uber to the restaurant. I was about an hour late for the Birthday Brunch, so by the time I got there, everyone had already gotten seated and started eating since it was a Brunch Buffet consisting of three levels of food. Although I was late, our waiter was really sweet and helped me get seated right away and told me what was on each level.

The food Options:
Juice/Bloody Mary Bar
Omelette Bar
Waffle Bar
Nutella/Crepe Bar
Cocktail Shrimp + Oyster section
BBQ (turkey leg, brisket, and prime rib) station
Dessert Bar
Coffee Station
Donut Wall

There was a juice bar station with different types of flavors and you would come back with your glass, and the waiter would fill it up with champagne. The waiter did a great job always being around for a refill. I thoroughly enjoyed everything I ate there. Although they have a great variety, they can still add some more things to the menu, but overall it was a great experience. The DJ was on point playing a range of music for all to enjoy so it definitely set the tone of the restaurant. The Brunch Buffet is $35 and if you want the Mimosa unlimited package it is $20, so with gratuity and tax you are looking around $70, which is a bit hefty, but I think its worth it once in a while. If I had friends come in town, I’d definitely take them there.

Note: *Whenever you want to try a new restaurant out “hashtag” on Instagram the name of the restaurant to see actual plates of food that customers have uploaded themselves, so you can see how certain dishes look. Also check Yelp. I ALWAYS do this, so I have an idea of what to look forward to.*

Check out the Pictures Below from SteakBar: ( From My Experience & Past Guests)

Overall Rating: 4.0/5

Website & Menu :

Hours & Locations: 

1500 N Wells Street
Chicago  Illinois  60610

Tel:(773) 966-0404

Brunch Hours Saturday & Sunday: 10am-3pm

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