“I Don’t Want To See My Father Get Remarried”

Question: Hello Madam Koverage. I grew up with both parents in my life, but unfortunately they separated since I was 14 years old. My parents have been divorced now for about 15 years. My mom did not remarry, but recently my dad has been dating a lady close to my age. It really bothers me that my that my dad not only wants to remarry, but remarry someone else. Even though I am now an adult (29), I know I should probably let it go. I guess all these years I was holding onto the fact that my parents would rekindle their love. And then marry someone close to my age… how do I know if she loves my father for him and not his money? What should I do, if he proceeds with the new marriage?

Answer: Wow! Well that was a lot to take in. It is normal to hope and wish that your parents get back together, but after 15 years if it hasn’t happen, then I don’t think it will unfortunately. So you have to face the situation that is at hand. I’m sure you want the best for both of your parents, but you have to trust their judgement. I know seeing your dad move on, and your mom hasn’t probably isn’t the best feeling. And to see him moved on with a younger woman at that. If you see that their relationship is becoming serious and moving towards marriage, I would advise you to have a serious sit down talk with your dad. Express to him how you feel about the situation as a whole. If he still wants to proceed with the young lady, then you need to get to know the lady on your own terms. Get to see who she really is. If you get or feel a bad vibe or energy, then somehow get some evidence to show your dad that she really doesn’t have his best interest. Only do that if you feel that she really isn’t a good person. Sometimes we all have to make certain mistakes in life on our own. Do what you have to do, and pray for the best and continue to focus on your life ! Hope this helps !

Good luck !