PVO?? What is that? Well I am here today to let you know about the growing phenomenon that is more than just a catchy phrase that started in March 2018. PositiveVibesOnly is more than a party – it’s a movement that harnesses the power of positive energy and uses it to effectively empower the culture. Their intention is to connect influential tastemakers, dynamic leaders and change agents in Government, Technology, Finance, Health, Media, Fashion, Sports and Entertainment to celebrate black excellence.

I have had the pleasure to attend multiple of their events in several cities such as New York, Lagos, Nigeria, and Accra, Ghana. Make sure you head to www.pvoglobal.com to support their platform, buy their merchandise, and follow them on their social media platforms to stay updated with upcoming events! PVO is definitely a movement that is here to stay and leave their mark on not only their communities, but the world globally! Check Out the interview below!

(Video Recap: 1st event in NYC in March 2018)

1. How did the “Positive Vibes Only (PVO)” concept come about, and who are the masterminds behind it?

PVO Global is a collective of four enterprising leaders named Chinasokwu “Nas” Nworu, Chidubem “Chi” Ude, Dayo Okeniyi and Walu Mwalilino. Months prior to the first event they held in March 2018, Chi called a meeting with his close friends and told everyone to bring a business idea. As they all went around the table sharing ideas, Nas told them about the PVO concept that was not just a phrase to him but a lifestyle. After Nas pitched his idea, everyone threw the other ideas to the side and decided to bring the vision of PVO ( Positive Vibes Only) to life. These four men are connected by their passion for uplifting black culture and commitment to social impact, together they produce high-end cause-based events, nationally and internationally, that promote #PositiveVibesOnly.

2. What is the Mission Statement of PVO?

#PositiveVibesOnly is more than a party – it’s a movement that harnesses the power of positive energy and uses it to effectively empower the culture.

3. What are 3 words that you would use to describe the PVO Global brand? And Why?

When it comes to describing the PVO brand, it is hard to limit it to just three words. But if we had to they would be narrowed down to Empowering, Inclusive, & Energy. These three words help to celebrate black excellence whether it is in a party, seminar or workshop. 

4. Where do you see the PVO brand in 5-10 years?

Our goal not only for the next 5-10 years but beyond is for the PVO brand to be a globally recognized driving force within our culture. From selling our merchandise to promoting Mental Health Awareness to PVO podcasts, and to continue throwing parties/events on a bigger scale. We want PVO to be apart of other brand’s conversations on how they can promote positivity. There is no limit for PVO.

5. What makes the PVO team so successful? 

We all are pretty similar, but we also come with different perspectives and experience on how to help promote the brand. We thrive off each other’s energy and passion. Communication is key to make sure that at the end of the day we do what is best for the brand. Of course, we all may have strengths in certain areas, but we also have separate jobs outside of PVO, so we all jump in and help if one can’t put their whole focus on a certain project at the moment. 

6. Are there any major projects or collaborations that the PVO brand is currently working on, that you would like people to be aware of?

We definitely have some things in the works that aren’t posted at the moment, but people should on the lookout because we have some dope things for people to look forward to all throughout 2020.  (Check Out 2020 Calendar below)

7. The Video Booth concept is very dope at the events for attendees to use. How do you come up with creative concepts for each party?

Prior to our first event, we wanted something that would stand out for attendees to use. We all came together to come up with creative concepts, but Walu’s expertise is in pictures and videos so he definitely gets that credit. 

8. Are you guys selective when it comes to choosing which companies or organizations to work with? Favorite Collaboration thus far? 

Yes, we are very selective about who we choose to work with because we want to make sure that it aligns with the PVO brand. We have been fortunate enough since we have started to be approached by many companies, and take great pride that they want to work with us. 

One of our favorite collaborations thus far would have to be the partnership with Twitter. It was an interactive workshop that centered around Mental Health Awareness, and it wasn’t the normal type of event or party that people are used to us having. Which hits the core of PVO, and promotes that PVO is more than just a party. 

9. Are you guys looking to expand your team if people are interested in joining?

Of course! As PVO grows we want people who align with our principles, vision, and passion for the brand. 

10. How can people get in contact with you via email or social media outlets?

As Always…Thanks for Reading!

-Madam Koverage

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