Make Jesus Famous: Gorgeous Bride presents a ” Certificate of Purity” to her Father on her wedding day

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Romans 12:2

Brelyn Bowman, 22, (Formerly Freeman) recently married her longtime boyfriend Tim Bowman Jr. Brelyn is the Boutique Owner of  Breezy’z Boutique ( and daughter to Pastor Dr. Michael Freeman who is the Founder and Pastor of Spirit of Faith Christian Center (SOFCC) with locations in Prince George’s County and Howard County Maryland. Tim Bowman Jr., 28, is a Gospel Recording Artist and nephew to the talented Gospel Recording Artist, Vickie Winans.

Just this past week, days after her wedding ceremony, Brelyn has received a lot of backlash from people on Social Media, who don’t “approve” of her presenting her father with a ” Certificate of Purity” on her wedding day. The certification has a doctors signature proving that her hymen was still in tact, and she was a virgin on her wedding day. I know what you are thinking… there are plenty of other ways that a woman’s hymen can break , yes.. but let’s be honest in this day and age, what is the most “popular” way it happens . You’re probably wondering, “Why did she feel the need to broadcast it on social media?” That I can not answer, but its refreshing to see a woman standing up for her beliefs and not being succumbed to the pressure that society brings.

But let me just say that I am alllllll for this! Why? Well Why Not? In this culture that we live in, it is unfortunate to see women selling their body on social media for a few likes. So I think this type of attention should be praised. You may think it is weird, and guess what, that is fine to have your opinion. But why bash another woman who has saved herself for marriage ( oh and BTW, her husband was a virgin too- so don’t try it)?

Check Out the Instagram Post, Certificate , Pictures of the couple, and video of their Wedding Entrance where Tim sings his Bride down the aisle Below! Also check out their wedding hashtag #MeetTheBowmans on IG to see video clips, and pictures of their big day!


IMG_8322 IMG_8323

Now personally I have been following Mrs. Brelyn for a while on Instagram, and you can tell she comes from a great family grounded in morals and traditions. So instead of bashing the young lady, if you don’t have anything nice to say at all, then keep it to yourself.

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Beautiful Wedding Entrance ( Watch how the Groom Serenades his Bride down the aisle… too precious! )

Note: Their wedding was streamed live on their wedding website for all to see! Over 1,559 people streamed to watch it, while 3500 people were in attendance. Unfortunately I missed the live streaming, but the clips I caught on Instagram.. whew let me tell you the peace that surrounded that ceremony. God was truly present!

No matter how you feel, just respect the decision Brelyn made. Bold? Yes! But I rather my future daughter witness a woman honoring herself and her body, than selling her soul for nothing.

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