“My boyfriend has become an official homebody! “

Question: Hello Madam Koverage, I need your help! I have been dating my boyfriend now for about two years and he has become an official homebody! During the first year of our relationship, we were always on the go, trying new restaurants and activities in and out of the state. Of course everything was so new and exciting then, but now that we are a bit more settled in our relationship, my boyfriend doesn’t try anymore. He rather stay home and play his video games or sleep, and not give me any type of attention. I really don’t know what to do. I know he works long hours, but that was never a problem before. I am not a clingy person at all, but I would love for him to leave his games alone, and want to spend time with me more than he does now. I don’t think I am asking for much at all. What can I do to change this problem?

Answer: Well… seems like your boyfriend has gotten a bit comfortable. Have you expressed to him how you feel? Sometimes as women we are always mad about something, but never let our partner know how we are truly feeling. We expect our partner to guess what is wrong.. well stop frustrating yourself more and let him know. Nothing is wrong with staying at home sometimes, but to keep the spice in the relationship it is important to do new things. It seems like you still care about him, so let him know your expectations. But also don’t be afraid to take the lead and plan a date. Make plans and surprise your boyfriend and get his mind moving.


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