” She has been my rock, so now I am ready to give her the rock she deserves”

Question: Hello Madam Koverage, I have been dating the love of my life for about two years now. She has been my rock, so now I am ready to give her the rock she deserves. I have the approval from everyone except one important person-HER FATHER. Her mother gave me her blessings, but her father is giving me a hard time. I’m not sure if its because she is the only girl, but I’m really confused on what to do. We will be going on a cruise soon, and I planned to pop the question then, thinking I would already have the approval from her parents. I already made arrangements with the cruise to help make it a moment she won’t forget. I really don’t want to propose until I get the final “OK” from her father, but no telling when that will be. I love my girl and I’m ready to make her my wife.. what should I do?

Answer: First off, Congrats on being ready to take the next big step in life. Secondly, I would say that unfortunately you can not propose without getting that final approval from her father. You do not want to disrespect her father, and have him not like you at all after that. Since you have the mother’s blessings, sit down with the mother and see what the actual problem may be, if there is one. Also sit down with the father again and see why he is hesitant for his daughter to marry you at the moment. You have a month to do that, if not, your cruise will just be a regular vacation for you and your girlfriend. It is commendable for you to want to make your girlfriend your wife, but make sure things are done the correct way. Good luck! I hope it works out ! 

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