Is it time for you to find new friends?

“I’ve learned that things change, people change, and it doesn’t mean you forget the past or try to cover it up. It simply means you move on and treasure the memories. Letting go doesn’t mean giving up, it means accepting that some things weren’t meant to be.”

Is it time for you to find new friends? Have you been feeling as of lately that you need to change your circle of friends? Are your friends not happy for your new success? Are your friends holding you back? Are your friends bringing bad attention and negativity to the group? Well it might be time to re-evaluate your group friends. The bond you share with your special group of friends is one that cant be touched, so it may seem hard to walk away, but if it’s for your best interest, you may have to.  A friend is someone who you can confide in ,trust, and know they will always have your back no matter what. You may ask for a favor that may make them a bit upset or annoyed, but they won’t hesitate helping you out. A friend pushes you to be the best you possible. There may be some occasional disagreements, but that doesn’t affect the friendship for too long. You forgive and move on, that is what makes a true friend.

So many people these days toss the word ” friend” around to anyone that crosses their path. Why is that?  Below I have 5 questions for you to just really sit back and reflect on the people who you call ” friend(s)” in your life. Hopefully you have positive thoughts while reading each question.

  1. If you are stuck on the side of the highway around 11pm, and you call one of your “friends” who may be approximately an hour from your current location, would they actually come and help you, if they are in the capacity to help ? Or would they ignore your call?
  2. Are you able to confide in them, and tell them things you wouldn’t normally tell anyone else? Or would you be afraid of them spreading your business to the whole world?
  3. Do you think they defend YOU ( your name, character.. etc) when you are brought up in public perhaps in a negative way? Or do they join in with the bashing?
  4. Do they tell you the honest truth? Even if it hurts your feelings, but you know it was done out of love and not malice.
  5. Are you comfortable being around the person? Are you yourself, or are you completely someone else when they come around in a negative way?

Did you have any off-putting thoughts about any of your friends while you read these questions?? Hopefully not.. but if you did, it may be time to readjust some things. Which leads me to my next issue… why are people so afraid to make new friends?

Now nothing is wrong with keeping the small inner circle that you have, but sometimes the dynamics of the relationship may change with certain people. People do outgrow each other.. sucks but it does happen. When we are younger, everyone wants to be friends and liked by everyone in the room. But the older we get, we find ourselves wanting to be surrounded by people who bring the best qualities out of us. We want to be surrounded by positive, goal driven, and happy people. No one wants to be around someone with a bad attitude about EVERYTHING. Their energy is so weak, it starts affecting you. Now what do you do? Do you stay in the friendship because you’ve known them since 6th grade? Or do you finally realize that it may be time to just go your separate ways?  Now let’s say, you meet an individual either at work or school, and you instantly click. They have your best interest and you begin to form a bond like no other. Now do you not call them a “friend” because they were not there from day one? We meet some of the closest people in our lives as we get older. So don’t be so quick to sing ” No New Friends” .

You never know when God will shower you with a blessing.. and in this case it would be a genuine friend. Sometimes we can’t judge our friendships by the length, but more so the quality of it. You can be surrounded by someone for years, and ask yourself everyday ” Why am I really friends with this person?”  Or you can meet someone so remarkable and ask yourself, ” Where have you been all my life?” We all have an idea of who our true, genuine friends are within our lives already. So don’t be so quick to close the door on someone who really adds value to your life.

It is ok to want to surround yourself by new people. Don’t look at it as the end of a friendship, but the beginning of new opportunities and friends.

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