Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP WANTS ALL Confederate symbols at Stone Mountain Park Removed

Since 1958, thousands of families have gathered together to experience the exciting attractions, quality entertainment, and outdoor activities that Stone Mountain Park, in Georgia has to offer. One famous attraction, the Laser Show, includes a Confederate Memorial Carving of the Confederate Leaders of the Civil War. The carving shows Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, and President Jefferson Davis, as well as their horses. This attraction is just one of the many Confederate Symbols placed around the park.

The Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP, wants all symbols of the Confederacy removed immediately from the park. Richard Rose, President of the Atlanta Chapter says, ” That carving is a great piece of art, but it was commissioned out of hate and white supremacy”.

This request to remove all Confederate Symbols from the park, follows after the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag last week from the South Carolina State House, after the church shooting.

Many have called to argue that the park represents history and should not be taken down, others say they are there to enjoy the park amenities, so we will have to see if the Atlanta Chapter will get their request approved.

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