Madam Koverage Presents: DINNER & DIALOGUE

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On April 12, 2015, at Provinos Italian Restaurant in Kennesaw, Georgia, eight women and eight men from various backgrounds and professions gathered together in a private event room over dinner, to participate in a social experiment conducted by the blogger Madam Koverage. The guests arrived between 5:30pm-6pm and indulged in appetizers and conversation to familiarize themselves with everyone at the table. Between 6pm and 6:15pm guests played a Meet & Greet game called ” Find Someone Who” to increase the interaction between the guests. At the end of the game, three people went home with a FREE Chick-Fil-A Breakfast gift card!

The table topics presented at ‘Dinner & Dialogue’ related to dating, relationships, & sex. The dialogue and opinions of each individual were¬†quite interesting to hear. Below you can watch a recap video of the event, see pictures, and read bios of the guests who attended.

I would also love to hear the opinions of my readers of the questions discussed at the event. Since the video only covers a FEW, AND I MEAN A FEW questions, I will post all of them below, so feel free to leave a comment and answer one of the questions!

Enjoy !

Men Participants:



Women Participants:



Video Recap:

Pictures :


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Table Topics Discussed 

(Pick a Question & Answer in the Comment Section):

What are the Pros & Cons of posting pictures of the person you are dating on social media too early in the relationship?

What are your thoughts of developing a friendship first with the person vs. rushing into it

What are the Dos & Don’ts of texting friends of the opposite sex while in the relationship.

What should a typical first date be like to get to know the person?

After how many dates should a female pay for the date ?

Is there an age range that you look for in prospective dating partner?

Do you believe in prenups for marriage?

If you cheated on your partner, would you tell them or not?

Do you think it is wise to live with someone of the opposite sex before marriage?

What qualities are the most important to you when looking for a partner?

Would you move to a place that was far from your friends and family, just to be with the person you love?

Would you continue to date someone that your parents were not too fond of?

Do you think it is possible to find a soul mate over the internet?

Is it possible to be friends with someone you’ve slept with, even if you are in a committed relationship?

Why do you think it is hard to date in Atlanta?

What is your take on being the “side chick” or “side dude”? Would you be either?

Is it ever too early for sex? Does it hinder the growth of the relationship, if it occurs in the beginning stages?

What are your views on interracial/intercultural dating?

How should a man/woman show you that he/she is interested and having a good time on a date?

Is physical attractiveness or personality more important to you, or are they equally important?

Thank you for Reading ! Stay tuned for another event coming soon!

Special Thanks to:

Pictures by: Shenique Green @simplysunphotography

Video By: Jaye Pryce @jayepryce

-Madam Koverage

3 thoughts on “Madam Koverage Presents: DINNER & DIALOGUE

  1. The question that I would like to respond to is: Is physical attractiveness or personality more important to you, or are they equally important?

    My answer to that is both are equally as important. Physical attractiveness is what initially catches someones attention, but personality is what will keep that persons attention.

  2. What are your thoughts of developing a friendship first with the person vs. rushing into it?

    I think developing a friendship is very important. It allows you to really get to know a person in order to build that trust with them. It helps you to get a better sense of who they are as a person and provides a great foundation to a relationship when the friendship is one that’s healthy. When you rush into things you don’t really know who you’re committing to. Often times when things are rushed, you’re rushing because that attraction is physical. A friendship can lead to attraction on an intellectual level.

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