February presents… #KoveredInLove Challenge


January 2015 has officially ended the first chapter of the year. There is nothing more refreshing than the start of a new month. A chance for new beginnings, and better opportunities. Regardless of what may have happened in January, this is now your chance to set another set of goals for you to achieve. We all know that February is known to be one of the shortest months, with only 28 days ( 29 on leap years) so there is no time to waste.

February is the month of love, celebration, remembrance and more. Some of the known “holidays” for the month include Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, Black History Month, & President’s Day. Which one’s do you plan on celebrating?

Are you excited to spend Valentine’s Day with a loved one? Or are you already counting down to February 15th? Do you have plans to road trip to New Orleans with a group of friends? Or are you too old to collect beads on Bourbon Street?  Are you remembering those who left a legacy and impact on the community and country? Or do you just see it as a day off from work? Regardless of your mindset, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate, during the month of February. With that said, I want to present a challenge to you.

February is the month of LOVE. I challenge you to spread the love to someone other than yourself. Self Love is important, but it is also essential to show love to others as well, especially if they are deserving. You never know how your act of kindness can change or leave an impact on someone else’s life. When you upload a picture of your act of kindess. Hash tag #KoveredInLove

Kovered In Love, is basically to reach out to someone and cover them with love. You do not have to know someone to show them love. Below I will list random acts of kindness done with love that you can do. Feel free to use these, or to make up your own.

  1. Send someone a small gift of appreciation anonymously
  2. Donate clothes to Charity, Goodwill, or a Shelter
  3. Pay for someone’s lunch or coffee
  4. Write a handwritten note to someone
  5. Give a homeless person a meal
  6. Give someone a compliment
  7. Volunteer anywhere
  8. Put $20 on a gas pump for someone to use
  9. Send anonymous flowers to someone who deserves it
  10. Leave an unexpected generous tip for a waiter
  11. Call someone you have not spoken to in a while
  12. Write a thank you letter to someone who has a major influence on your life
  13. Be encouraging
  14. Call your parents and tell them that you love them
  15. Bring donuts/ and or fruit to work for your co workers
  16. Give a thank you card to your mailman, bus driver, etc
  17. Hold the door for someone
  18. Let someone else have your seat on the bus, train, etc
  19. Treat a friend to the movie for no reason
  20. Give someone random a Visa gift card, or Grocery Shopping Gift Card

Sometimes it is not all about you. Always try to help someone out, but for this month particularly, try and go out your way for someone who deserves it, or even a complete stranger. Remember to hash tag #KoveredInLove when you post your act of kindness or email me at madamkoverage@yahoo.com with your stories.

Remain Blessed

-Madam Gech

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