Kego’s Kitchen: Creating Succulent & Mouth-Watering American & Nigerian Cuisines w/ an Innovative Twist

Not many people can call themselves a Nurse, Soon to be Medical Doctor, and Cook, but Crystal Obih proves that anything is possible with hard work and determination. From balancing work, rotations, and cooking, Crystal is always on her feet constantly perfecting her Personal and Business brand.

Crystal  tries to come up with dishes that are not only yummy to eat, but light on the calories. Many who have tasted her dishes can describe her food as enticing, flavorful, savory, delectable, scrumptious and more. I have had the opportunity to try her cooking myself, and I must say you can taste an ounce of love that was put into the food with each bite. She doesn’t just stop at cooking, she also sells her infamous “Suya Spice” which adds so much flavor when cooking different dishes.

Crystal started a Brunch Event called ” Ladies Who Brunch” to bring women together to meet, network, and try several of her latest recipes. Her previous events have been held in Houston & in Dallas, and now she is going to be having another one in Chicago on July 1st, 2018. Details are below. Along with a recap of one of her past events.  I had the pleasure to interview the Mastermind behind these dishes, so enjoy the interview below.

1.Please tell us who is the mastermind behind, “Kego’s Kitchen”? And did your upbringing have an influence on you stepping foot into the kitchen?

Kego’s Kitchen was inspired by my love for cooking and at that time my boyfriend ( who is now my fiancé) Richard. Dating Richard made my love for food grow much fonder.  Being that he is from another tribe from my own, I knew I had to learn many more things to cook. It’s not easy dating a foodie. While we were discussing food and my love for food photography the idea came up to start a food blog. My upbringing definitely  had a major influence with how I prepare my dishes now. I would  like to thank  my mother Nyruka Obih, for teaching me traditional Igbo cooking at a very young age. Without her teachings I wouldn’t have been able to come up with Nigerian-American fusions.

 2. What did you go to school for? Did you receive any special culinary training?

I received my  Bachelors Degree  in Nursing, but currently I am a few weeks away from graduating from Medical School. Honesty I wished I received culinary training, but I plan to take some classes in the near future to continue to perfect my craft.

 3. How many days out the week do you normally cook? What do you do with all the leftovers?

I normally cook about 2-3 days out of the week. From meal prepping to random cooking moods. My number one pet peeve is wasting food. Leftovers turn into recreated meals for the next couple of days.

 4. You being a Chef, are you subconsciously critical of other peoples cooking?

I don’t consider myself as a chef, I consider myself as home-cook/food blogger. Honestly I am very critical of other people’s cooking. Sometimes it can be a burden, especially when out with friends lol.  I just try to keep my comments to myself.

 5. What are some of your favorite Dishes to make? Desserts?

My favorite dishes to make are Nigerian- American fusion dishes. For example intertwining Nigerian flavors with all time American classics, like “Plantain waffles and Hennessy syrup” etc.

 6. Define Cooking? And how would you describe theKego’s Kitchenstyle and how does it differentiate from other Chefs and their cooking?

Cooking is the process of combining different food items, with different flavors , and making magic. My style of cooking is very different. My goal is to perform the unexpected. I don’t follow the typical way of making certain dishes, every dish I make has my special touch. One of my main goals for Kego’s Kitchen is to make a way for people to still enjoy Nigerian food without the guilt. I have many recipes on my blog that are healthy substitutes and lower carb options. For example, Cauliflower Jollof Rice and Cabbage Eba.

 7. Who are some people in the Cooking/Food Industry that you look up to for guidance, and ways to enhance theKego’s Kitchen brand?

I look up to Darius Cooks and Chef Gordon Ramsey. When it come to Darius I love his ambition and his drive. He started off with so little, and now he is a big deal. He is a true example of the saying “Hard work Pays off”.

 8. What are 3 words that you would use to describe the Kego’s Kitchen brand?

Three words I would use to describe Kego’s Kitchen is Spontaneous, Delicious, and Creative.

 9. Where would you like to see the brandKego’s Kitchen in 5 years? Also can we look forward to an onsite location?

In 5 years I would love to see KK’s with a larger following, a strong spice brand, and hopefully a cooking show.

 10. What advice would you give someone trying to enter the cooking field?

Anyone looking into entering the cooking field should know that persistence is key. You may become discouraged, you may make a bad dish etc, dust your shoulders off and start again. Passion feeds the drive, so keep your passion aflame.

 11. How can people get in contact with you via email or social media outlets?

Best way to reach me via email is,

IG: @Kegos Kitchen

Facebook: Kegos Kitchen



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