Strategies, Tips, & Workout Exercises to be help you be Summer Time fine

It is officially summer time and you know what that means… time to be summertime fine. It’s never too late to start looking your absolute best. So no worries I am here to help! I’m sure you have plans  to travel to a beach or water park, so it is imperative to make sure your body is in the best shape possible. Even if it is not summer, you should be working hard each day, to be in the best shape of your life. I have come up with a few tips on foods to avoid, or substitute, and a few exercises that you can input into your daily schedule. Even if you are not a “gym person”, I have a few exercises you can do instead to sweat it out and burn those calories!

Strategies & Tips when dining out:

-When ordering off a menu, substitute your fries for fruit

-If you are craving meat, it is best to get fish, but if it must be chicken, make sure it is grilled not fried

-To keep your stomach flat, you have to stay away from carbs, meaning no bread plates at restaurants

-Don’t drink your calories.. stick to just WATER !

-Limit the amount of salad dressing you use on your salad. And No croutons

-Avoid all you can eat buffets

-Order an appetizer plate instead of an entree

-Share a plate with a friend to split the calories

-Plan ahead, look at the menu before you head to the restaurant

-If you must, choose salsa over the cheesy, queso dips

-Ask for your food not to be prepared with butter, cream sauces or oil

-If you must do dessert try a fruit option, but Sorbet or frozen yogurt are great alternatives to ice cream, but watch the sugar content.

Daily Tips & Exercises:

-I know we all love to park very close to the entrance of wherever we go… but that will stop today! Park all the way in the back of the parking lot. Burn your calories!

-NO MORE ELEVATOR! I know what you are thinking… so if I’m at work and my office is on the 20th floor, what am I supposed to do? Well imagine how great your legs will look even after two weeks! Try taking the stairs sometimes instead of the elevator. You will see a big difference.

-Pack healthy snacks to avoid stopping at the gas station or store for unhealthy snacks. When you have these snacks, it will help satisfy cravings if you are hungry.

-Take minimal cash on the go so you won’t spend it on nonsense.

-Find random moments to stretch. It is essential to make sure you stretch out your bones. Keep them nice and refreshed.

-If you are at work, use your chair for squats. Your co-workers may look at you crazy, but just imagine how great your glutes will look after.

-Take a walk/jog/run around your neighborhood or park for 30-45 minutes each day. Grab a friend or some music to make the time go by faster.

-Believe it or not, use the stairs in your house or outside on the deck to run. Make sure your stairs are sturdy, but you will be surprised to see how many calories you burn within 10 minutes.

-You can burn a lot of calories by sweeping or vacuuming and doing certain household chores.

Here’s a website that shows you exactly how much you burn with each activity.

-While watching television, don’t just sit on the couch… add some jumping jacks or sit ups to the mix

-Put your favorite playlist on, and just dance your life away for an hour. Put all your energy into it, so you can get the best workout possible.

-Don’t eat after 7pm… 8pm latest! You don’t want your food just sitting in your stomach overnight.

Here are just a FEW tips and exercises that you can do to slowly shed some weight for healthier living. Remember every calorie counts! Be consistent & set realistic goals!  So get started, so you can enjoy the beautiful weather!



Thanks for reading!

-Madam Koverage

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