“Beauty & Brains” featuring Lauren Elise Simpson

I am so excited for this next feature of  “Beauty & Brains” ! Ms. Lauren Elise Simpson exemplifies class, substance, & intelligence all while rocking the latest fashion trends. Her personality is very inviting, and she brightens up any room that she walks into.  She is a perfect example of not letting setbacks deter you from reaching your goals. Check out her story below!

Ms. Simpson also had the opportunity to sit on a panel at my event last year ” Dinner & Dialogue” (http://madamkoverage.com/2015/05/01/madam-koverage-presents-dinner-dialogue/) discussing topics related to relationships, dating, & sex. 

1.Hello! Please let everyone know who you are! What is your full name?

My name is Lauren Elise Simpson!

2. Where were you born & raised? Did your upbringing have an early influence on what you wanted to do as an adult?

Nashville, Tennessee! Yes, I have always enjoyed talking and leading groups of girls. I remember attending my summer camps at TSU NYSP and Hartman Park and having groups of girls with daily meetings. There hasn’t been a day that I didn’t enjoy talking or speaking in front of a group. But back then I use to get in trouble for talking in class or church.

3. Are you in currently in school? And if so, where and how long do you have left to finish the program?

Yes, I am a Doctoral candidate in the Organizational Leadership program at Argosy University Atlanta. I am currently in the research phase of my dissertation so hopefully not too much longer.

4. Why did you choose this career? Are you happy with that decision thus far?

I chose Communications and Nonprofits because that embodies my passions. I am now a Social Media Coordinator for BrandUp Marketing Studio and I love it! I am very happy with my decision. It took some time to get here and really refining my passion due to the twist of the economy right after I graduated.

5. I know you have a new Business called “Adjust Your Crown Mentoring”. Can you please tell me where did the inspiration come from to start this venture?

I have always loved mentoring! Even in college at Middle Tennessee State University I was a freshmen mentor even as only a sophomore. That year I won freshmen mentor of the year. I remember my assigned mentee’s friends all wanted to transfer to me. I would take them to Wal-Mart, cook spaghetti for them, and just have open-communication. Since then I had several young girls write me on social media asking me to mentor them but with my busy schedule with several jobs and school it was hard to dedicate all of time so I came up with the virtual concept.

6. How can people sign up to be a part of this movement? Also do you have any workshops or seminars that people can look forward to attending?

They can go to www.adjustyourcrownmentoring.com and sign up to receive the monthly newsletters etc. In addition, follow the IG @AdjustYourCrownMentoring for constant updates and inspiration. I plan on have a workshop in December or January. A vision board workshop. Deciding now on the location whether in Nashville or Atlanta.

7. How do you handle workload stress and still enjoy life at the same time?

Honestly I do not know. I don’t know how I do it. Now I am working 3 jobs and my dissertation yet I still have some type of social life. I am hyper and love staying busy so I guess it just works for me. I also love sleep!

8. Describe your day to day activities, priorities, & tasks.

I have a main job in higher education that I go to daily. But I also take my MacBook Pro with me so on my lunch I am working on other assignments like my Social Media Coordinator task or school work. Once I get off I try to go to the gym at least 3 times per week. My unwind time is watching my TV shows but I also have my laptop out working during that time. Then I get to sleep at least by midnight most nights. Priorities: main job tasks, school, social media coordinator tasks, health, and sleep! My tasks include helping students get into our creative applied arts college. Far as school right now it is all about recruiting participants, informed consent forms, scheduling interviews, and writing my dissertation Chapters. Then creating a social media content calendar for different clients etc. Also running 2 miles on the elliptical. Also writing blogs, filming vlogs, and creating monthly newsletters for AYCM. Not to mention managing the IG.

9. Tell me about a successful moment or accomplishment you’ve had thus far in your career?

I cannot just pinpoint one moment. I think the biggest accomplishment is my resilience. 

10. At the end of the day, what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind for people to remember you by?

Hmmmm that is a really good question. I think I would want to be remembered for my bright personality, laughter, and the embodiment of fun. I would also like to be remembered for my resilience, dedication, and my extreme can-do attitude . My big heart and love for life. As well as my philanthropic spirit. 

11. How can people get in contact with you via email or social media outlets?
They can reach me at
adjustyourcrownmentoring@gmail.com I love receiving emails about advice! I always respond.

My social media are as follows:

IG: @Picturesque1908

SnapChat: picturesque1908 (I am super hyper so beware lol)

Twitter: @picturesque1908 Also AYCM @AdjustYourCrownMentoring

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