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On Sunday August 21, 2016, I had the opportunity to try out a Brunch Spot in Chicago called ” LOKaL”. Since I now live in Chicago, you know I had to try out a great Brunch Spot since Chicago is known for great restaurants. I have always heard lots of great things about this restaurant  so here’s my review on my experience.

I drove about 25 minutes to the North Ave location, after church with two of my friends. There is only street parking in the area, so knowing how to parallel park is a must. My friend parked her car near the restaurant only to get a $75 ticket after we ate because supposedly it was a residence area to park. But there was no sign indicating that. But moving on…Since it was Sunday after 1pm, the wait time was 30 minutes. The restaurant is not as big for the amount of people who try to eat there. But the staff was friendly and made the visit worthwhile.

Finally after waiting for about 25 minutes we were seated. Our Server was very friendly, so I was happy about that. It only took about 10-15 minutes for our food to come out so it wasn’t that bad. I ordered their french toast, sausage, and roasted potatoes. My friends ordered the biscuit and gravy that came with smoked sausage, sun dried tomatoes, and roasted potatoes. We also ordered the $10 bottomless mimosa package.

Note: *Whenever you want to try a new restaurant out “hashtag” on Instagram the name of the restaurant to see actual plates of food that customers have uploaded themselves, so you can see how certain dishes look. Also check Yelp. I ALWAYS do this, so I have an idea of what to look forward to.*

Check out the Pictures Below from LOKaL: ( From Our Experience & Past Guests)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Website & Menu : 


Hours & Locations: 


CHICAGO IL 60622 • 773-904-8113 • info@lokalchicago.com


SAT 9am – 3am

SUN 9am – 4pm


CHICAGO IL 60614 • 872-829-3330 • info@lokalchicago.com

TUE•WED•THU•FRI 4pm – 12am

SAT 10am – 3am

SUN 10am – 4pm

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