It’s a late night, and you can’t drive so you go into your Uber app and request a driver who appears in no time, and takes you to your place of destination. Seems so easy and harmless right? Well don’t be so fooled? Although Uber prides themselves about having background checks, versus taxi cabs who don’t, doesn’t exactly make it safer.


“Uber is committed to safely connecting riders and drivers. That means setting strict safety standards and providing end-to-end insurance coverage. The specifics vary depending on what local governments allow, but what we’re doing in the US to ensure your comfort and security is an example of our standards around the world. Ridesharing and livery drivers in the U.S. are screened through a process that includes county, federal, and multi-state criminal background checks. Uber also reviews drivers’ motor vehicle records throughout their time driving with Uber.

Lately there have been several cases of Uber drivers who have “allegedly raped a passenger”, “held a passenger at gunpoint, “asked for a money ransom”, and  “sexual assaulted a passenger” to name a few. I personally have used both Uber and Taxi and Uber can seem more convenient especially since you don’t have to deal with money, being that all the transactions are done beforehand through the app, but still be careful and alert.

But I also do know of some Uber drivers who save your number, and text their passengers later, so be aware if that happens to you! Below is a screenshot from a Uber driver who texted my friend after the service was used.

FullSizeRender (75)

So no matter the mode of transportation, just be careful, because nothing is ever truly safe!

Here are 6 Tips of Safety when riding in a Taxi or Uber:

1. Have the driver pick you up from public place. Especially if you live in a house, because you do not need them to know exactly where you live.

2. From the moment you get into the vehicle, send screenshots of the drivers information, inside the vehicle, and what you and the driver may be wearing to 5 people in your phone. Seems like a bit much, but these are key elements that are needed when a serious matter arises. Use the Share my ETA Feature which sends a link to a map showing the route you take on your ride.

3. Please try not to  fall asleep! You need to be aware of your surroundings. Even if you may be “drunk” or “sleepy” try to talk to someone on the phone who can keep you alert

4. Do not drink anything that the driver offers you. It may be a hot day and he has cold bottled water in the backseat, resist temptation and wait until you get to where you are going before you drink something.

5. This may be hard, but try not to ride a Uber or Taxi alone. It is always better to have someone with you for safety reasons, especially if you are a female. And if you are a female, try to limit the times you ride alone at night.

6. Lastly, don’t just jump in the car. Confirm the license plate number in app matches the one on your driver’s vehicle. Also make sure the picture in the app matches the driver in the car.

Hope this helps !


  1. Sh*t is crazy, I’m pro über & I use it at least once a week but I definitely agree with this article because some these über drivers are very creepy & weird. I had an über driver in Miami telling me how he just finished having threesome with Khloe Kardashian & kept offering me food & drinks the whole ride.

  2. Good read! I can’t do without über though, I use it at least once a week. But agree, some of these über drivers are so creepy & weird….I had a driver in Miami last month telling me how he just got done having threesome with Khloe Kardashian in her house & was also offering me food & drinks the whole ride.

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