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The mission of Kelechii Clothing is to provide high fashioned clothing at an affordable rate across the globe. Their frequently updated collections will showcase their creative designs, unique patterns and astonishing clothing quality within each release.  Kelechii (Kuh-Lee-Chee) originates from Kelechi which means to give thanks and one who brings happiness to their parents with success, wisdom, pride and courage. Join them on this fashion journey and shop Kelechii!

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  1. How did the clothing concept “Kelechii” come about, and who are the masterminds behind it?

This was actually a collective effort, between 3 founders. Anthony ‘Kay Cee’ Njoku Founder, Alfonso ‘ManSquared’ Urriola CEO & Kendell ‘KD’ Williams President. We always knew that we wanted to start our own business.  One day we came to the conclusion that we all had one similar interest – fashion.  We each have our own sense of style which brings a lot of value and perspective to the company.  Three months later Kelechii Clothing was founded and the rest was history.

  1. Where were the Founders of Kelechii born & raised? Did the upbringing of each Founder have an influence on the merchandise that you decided to design and sell?

Two of the owners are from Jersey City Nj & the Third owner is from Newark, Nj. We grew up in the urban environment, where fashion, style, music, sports and lifestyle played a huge influence on our clothing styles.

  1. Define Fashion? And how would you describe the “Kelechii”style and how does it differentiate from other clothing lines?

We definitely believe that fashion is cultured around lifestyles. Every lifestyle has its own culture and that alone could define its personal style. For example the 80’s and 90’s error has slowly came back, and is now seen as cool to have a funky design or pattern. The cool thing about fashion is that it is constantly changing which gives us the freedom and ability to think outside the box. We try to create high quality material at an affordable rate, to give our consumers that high quality feeling.

  1. Who is your specific audience that you are targeting?

We have had people of all ages wearing our apparel globally, from snapback cap collectors and die hard baseball fanatics, to the typical comfortable legging wearer. What’s special about our designs is that each collection we will showcase a new look that directly correlates to the current trends. Some items are more targeted than others but overall Kelechii Clothing does not have just one audience or age group.

  1. Who are some people in the Fashion Industry that you look up to for guidance, and ways to enhance the “Kelechii” brand?

This is actually a tough one! We have so many inspirations, people and brands that we look up to. Believe it or not, most of the brands that catch our attention are either startup or indie designers. It’s something about their drive and creativity that sparks our interest. When we look at upcoming brands we see the same passion, and we try to feed off of their energy. Although everyone is a competitor, that is what keeps the drive alive, you always want to be better but at the same time humbled and ready to learn when an opportunity arises.

  1. What are 3 words that you would use to describe the Kelechii brand? Why?

Affordable, Lifestyle  & Different. We feel that these three describe us and our brand the most. All of our products have been under $45, with extremely high quality. Our design and type of clothing are highly influenced on our personal lifestyle and the upbringing of our childhood. We try to be different by changing up the collections frequently. In fact we are already working on our 3rd collection, and we have been in business for only 5 months.

  1. Where would you like to see the brand “Kelechii” in 5 years? Also will Kelechii be solely online, or can we look forward to an onsite location?

In five years we see our company expanding and entering different brackets under one umbrella. For example we are already in the works of launching KelchiiTv which is going to showcase the lifestyles of us and our consumers. We eventually hope to own our own store, but all of that comes with the grace of God and hard work!

  1. What is one of the biggest obstacles the company has had to endure thus far? And do you have any advice to those who are looking to start their own business?

We always knew that we wanted to start a business but we were uncertain on the industry.  Unfortunately due to our conflicting schedules we did not have an opportunity to decide and pursue until just a few months ago.  Now that we are five months in, we are very confident that we made the right decision. We have gained a substantial customer base and we look forward to expanding upon that in the near future. The biggest advice that we could give is not to be afraid to fail. This is a business of trial and error! work hard fix mistakes and move on. Eliminate dwelling on the negatives, instead work towards the positive.

  1. How can people get in contact with you via email or social media outlets?
IG: @Kelechiiclothing
Twitter: @Kelechiiwear
Facebook: Kelechii
Hashtag: Kelechii

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