Question: Hello Madam Koverage, I need some advice on how to solve this situation. I am 26 years old, and I am a female who is in a committed relationship. I have been with my boyfriend for about two years. Recently I just got offered a job that would locate me to another state… Which is 6 hours from where I live now. My boyfriend is not being as supportive, so I am confused on what to do. Choose love or my future? This is a great opportunity but I really do see him being my husband and I’ll be 27 soon so I don’t want have to go through the process of trying to date again. Please help. Thanks

Answer: Hey love, I really don’t have much to say but.. ” GO AFTER YOUR DREAM JOB!”. I know what you are thinking, ” I am almost 30 years old, I can’t possibly start over”.. but you may just have to. If your boyfriend of two years is not supportive of you advancing your career, are you sure this is a man you want to keep in your life, to potentially be your husband? Life is too short to not go after our goals. You are only 6 hours away.. not 12 or residing in another country, so you can most definitely make it work. I pray he turns around, and is there supporting you, but just know you may be moving to your dream job soon with the status SINGLE attached to your name. Good Luck!