FullSizeRender (31)Disclaimer: This letter represents a combination of women in the world who may be waiting patiently on the right one, not just myself. So Enjoy!

Dear Future Husband,

I mean my King… Where are you??? I’m starting to think that you forgot about me lol. I’m in my late 20s…almost 30, have a great career, but it seems like one thing is missing.. & that is you. All of my friends are married or engaged, and I can’t stand the thought of being a bridesmaid again. I know they say, ” Good things come to those who wait”, well how long do you plan on having me wait? Every time I think I’ve found you, it’s just another heartbreak to add to the list. Are you around me ? Have we crossed paths? Are you admiring me from afar? Well wherever you are, its time to speak up and put things into action. By no means am I desperate, I just know my worth. I just want the best.. Which I know is you. I want a man who lets God lead his life, so he can properly lead and love me in our marriage. I want a man who will love and cherish our kids unconditionally. I want a man who will treat my family as if they were his own. And of course all of these things I will do as well.

I am ready to be your best friend and your backbone. And I promise to live up to my vows, and try my best to not let you down. I know things won’t be easy, but they say ” The best things in life are worth fighting for”. I may get overly emotional sometimes, or have an attitude, but that won’t cause me to not have breakfast ready for you in the morning or dinner ready for you every night. I want to travel the world with you and make memories to last a lifetime. You don’t have to worry about another man trying to talk to me, because I know I have the best, and there’s no reason to mess that up. I pray that you will respect me as your wife and companion and not let any temptation drift you away from our marriage. I am nervous, but very excited for what is to come our way.  Through the laughs, tears, and pain, just know with you I’ll do it over again. But until you walk into my life, I will keep those special moments to myself until we officially meet. Meeting you will show me why things did not work out with others in my past.

But wherever you are, and whenever you decide to come, just know I pray for you every night. I pray that God guides each of your steps, and fulfills all of your dreams. I pray God continues to mold us individually so we can be great collectively. Thank you in advance for being the best husband and father a wife could have.

Your Future Wife… I mean Queen 🙂

-Madam Koverage

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