The Real Reality of GROUPME…Group Chat Etiquette Tips included!


We live in an era where social media apps consume almost half of our day, if not more. We are constantly on our phones checking notifications or messages from people. There are now various ways to communicate with multiple people at once. And more than likely if you have a smart phone, and are constantly chatting with friends then you have GROUPME. GROUPME makes group chatting easier to keep multiple conversations going on at once, and send instant picture and video messaging.

I used to belong to SOO MANY GROUPME chats, I literally had to take my charger with me on the go because my battery was always dying. Although at one point it became distracting and annoying to have constant notifications, I had the opportunity to connect with so many people throughout the world.

Now some of these chats I was either asked whether or not I wanted to join, or I woke up finding myself to 300+ notifications from strangers,showing that I was added in a GROUPME chat overnight. There are various reasons for you to join a group chat, so what are yours? Are you looking to meet your future spouse, network with professionals, find a random hookup in your area, or communicate with family and friends? Don’t worry no judgment here.. I’ve heard it all.. literally. Some people make it known that they are single and ready to mingle, while others are trying to network with like minded individuals.

Below I have some rules regarding Group Chat Etiquette. Every group operates differently, but I know there may be some do’s and don’ts that people may or may not be aware of. So check them out below:

Group Chat Etiquette:

  1. When you are new to a group, make sure you introduce yourself. Don’t just join the conversation, especially if no one knows who you are
  2. Try to eliminate one on one conversations.. this is a group chat.. if it is that deep, slide into their DMs or text them
  3. Speaking of DMs ( Direct Messages), don’t be so thirsty and hit up every female or male in the group. Play it cool, and let things happen accordingly
  4. Stop pretending to be someone you are not. Depending on the group, you may not meet these people ever in life, but there is no reason to not be yourself. Your true colors will eventually show, or someone who knows you will expose you first
  5. Be careful what you type or upload into the group, because I promise you, people will be so quick to try and screenshot it quicker than you will ever know, and may use it against you. Or they may show other people who are not in the group
  6. If you are the creator of a group, try not to add people who won’t talk. Nothing is more annoying than to see that the group has 75 members, but only seven of them talk. If you know you won’t talk, don’t take up space, just delete yourself. Trust me, I’m sure there will not be any hard feelings lol
  7. Stop spamming the group with irrelevant content. If you see people never respond or like your post, 9 out of 10 times they are annoyed and have nothing to say
  8. Some groups have “group hours” while some groups don’t. Depending on the environment of the group, be careful when you post things. Not everyone puts their phone on mute, so if people are not up, don’t send random messages at 3am waking people up
  9. Keep the drama out the group. If you are feuding with someone in the group, that should not be the group problem. Although it is entertaining to watch, it gets annoying to see people argue over things that don’t relate to the group
  10. Please upload a current, decent picture of yourself. Nothing is worse than trying to look at someone’s avi pic, and it is blurry, or a random picture like the sky or a ball. We want to see your face not random objects
  11. If there is no need to, stop changing your name every week, it gets confusing or we may think its a new member in the group
  12. Be careful of the type of pictures you decide to share with the group. If it is a gross or obscene picture, give a warning because some people may be at work, or simply do not want to see it
  13. Don’t be a lurker. You don’t speak, yet like every post in the group
  14. Unless it is necessary for the conversation, leave the long paragraphs alone. No one is going to read a long paragraph that could be told in two sentences
  15. Have fun! Be Yourself!

Thanks for reading ! Feel free to add more Group Chat Etiquette Tips, or comment on the ones listed above

-Madam Koverage


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