The Interview Series…..


Committed, Determined, Selfless, Diligent, Ambitious, and Confident are just a FEW adjectives to describe some of the people you will be reading about this month.

Throughout the month of March, I will be featuring a variety of individuals from different backgrounds who possess different talents and skills. Some of these individuals may be familiar to you, while others may not be. Just know that they are working hard to leave their legacy and mark on the world. Stay tuned for these upcoming interviews, this is something you truly do not want to miss!

As you read and watch the different interviews conducted throughout the month, I want you to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Am I living out my true purpose in life?
  2. Do I wake up to a job that I love?
  3. Am I making strides to become a better person each day?
  4. Am I living for someone else other than myself?
  5. Am I content and truly happy with my life?
  6. How do I motivate myself to get work done after trying many things and failing over and over again?
  7. Do I have a habit that is limiting me from being my personal best?
  8. Do I surround myself with positive, uplifting people?
  9. Am I Confident and Humble or Cocky and Unapproachable?
  10. What are my short term and long term goals?

          My hope is that these interviews inspire you to take FULL control of your destiny. Live your life to the fullest! Do not let anyone tell you, that you will never amount to anything. They DON’T hold your future in their hands… YOU DO! So find what you love, and what makes you happy, and live out your true passion. Nothing beats waking up each morning to something you love and getting paid at the same time. Turn your passion into a paycheck! Keep going no matter what! Even if you fall a couple of times, just know those setbacks are only preparing you for a HUGE comeback!

Hope you enjoy the interviews!

-Madam Gech

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