The FIRST date


Man: Hey are you free next Friday?

Woman: I should be… what’s up?

Man: If it is ok with you, I would like to take you to DINNER & A MOVIE..

STOP right there !!!!

Are you guys not tired of the basic dinner & a movie date? Now nothing is wrong with going to the movies or dinner ( Lord knows I love a good restaurant) but I think it is time that we actually put thought into dates these days. Plus,  you can’t even talk during the movie, so now the date is over, and you don’t even know the person you sat next to for the past 2-3 hours. Now for the guys I know you are thinking ” Why should I spend money on the first date, especially if I don’t know her” ? Totally understandable.. but if you think she is worth the investment.. why not put the thought of creating an experience she won’t forget. The “First” date! The thought of it just makes me cringe. Lord knows that I have experienced it all. Hopefully if I decide to use any examples you were not one of the bad ones. Sorry.. but hopefully you have stepped your game up since then lol. But I will tell you about a positive first date that I have experienced. To give you some background history, I only had three conversations with this guy before he asked me out. The first one was five years ago. The second one was last year at a conference. The third one was he asking me out on a date. Clearly he knew exactly what he wanted after we met the second time. To my surprise, he took me to a cooking class at Sur La Table at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta ( Great place, totally would recommend it Not to bore you with my story, but it was totally different and a great experience because we both like to cook, and it showed whether or not we could work together. I could tell he put thought into the date along with other things he had planned. It made the date more personal. *TIP FOR THE GUYS* Guys if you are trying to see if the lady you are interested in can cook or do a little something in the kitchen this is also a great way to see without having to ask her. You’re welcome lol.

But if you do not want to spend as much on the first date, totally understandable, but try to find something interactive to do. It is 2015 so I am sure we all know about GROUPON or something similar to it. It offers great deals for activities or restaurants. Now personally I wouldn’t recommend you using it on a FIRST date, LATER just not FIRST. BUT.. if you are low on funds or do decide to.. just make sure you handle that before the date. I am all for saving a coin or two, but it doesn’t make for a great first impression honestly. Stay within your means, don’t break the bank if you don’t have it. Now if you are trying to do something different, try something that will take you out of your comfort zone. And of course if this includes physical activity, make sure you let her know the attire of the date. Which leads me to what and what not to wear on a date.

Now for the guys, you really can’t mess that up, unless you are sagging your pants, clothes not ironed, or not dressed appropriately for the occasion. But ladies, let us try to leave some mystery. You do not have to show EVERYTHING! I promise he already knows what you are working with, so let his mind focus on you and not your chest or butt on the date. And if you know you can’t walk a long distance in heels, do yourself a favor and just wear cute flats or boots. Nothing is more painful than to see a lady wobbling in heels. Don’t let him see you in pain. Let him concentrate on the conversation and not the thought of you crashing to the floor. Which leads me to my next topic: CONVERSATION! I would say the date is 40% what you do 60% the conversation. Why? Because we could be on the best date ever.. BUT.. if the conversation is WACK, I will be ready to go, or just sit there wishing I was on this great date with someone else. Be yourself! No need to pretend now. Your true colors will eventually show, so start now. With this new year, don’t be so desperate to go on a date with every person that asks or crosses your path. And please the days of going on a date for a free meal should be over.. well I hope so.. lol.. You already know what I am talking about. Like I said in an earlier post, we are not getting any younger, and life is too short! So stop wasting your time with people you already know it will not work out with. Unless you just want to be single the rest of your life, dating comes with purpose (especially when you reach a certain age), and that is to eventually get married. If that is not in the back of your head when dating.. well.. you may want to think some things through.. just my idea. But good luck to everyone dating and those waiting for another “FIRST” date to come. Below I have some first date ideas..

Depending on the season, & the type of person you are dealing with, here are some ideas for “THE FIRST DATE” . ENJOY, GOOD LUCK & BE YOURSELF !

  1. Cooking Class
  2. Bowling
  3. Gun Range
  4. Comedy/ Local Music show
  5. Aquarium/ Zoo
  6. Art gallery
  7. Rock Climbing
  8. Nature Trail walk/Picnic
  9. Professional Athletic Game
  10. Dinner at a place you would not normally go to (Of course has great food & service)

-Madam Koverage

4 thoughts on “The FIRST date

  1. Wow!! It’s like you are in my head! Just had this same conversation with a friend of mine on Monday! I would love to be offered a date to the high museum instead of fork and screen just to switch it up. Great blog!

    1. Thank You for Reading!!! Share the blog with others so they can also gain insight! Hopefully some guys do decide to switch up their method of choosing where to take someone on a date.Thanks again for reading !

  2. I like all the ideas to take a girl to a first date, great post! definitely will share with my friends who need help lol!

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