Is this ” ON FLEEK” ?


According to Urban the word “FLEEK” can be described as ” on point or very good”. While doing some research it said that the word “FLEEK” may have come from the word ” SLEEK” which can be defined as “smooth or graceful”.

BUT on June 21, 2014, thanks to Viner, Peaches Monroe, the word ” Fleek” started a movement. In her video she says exactly: ” We in this b*tch. Finna get crunk. Eyebrows on FLEEK. Da fuq”. The phrase that started it all…Ratchetness at its best *BIG SIGH* , but I know that we have all used the word “Fleek” at least once in our lives. Women now spend countless of hours making sure they perfect the perfect eyebrow arch and shade.. because of course there is no way you can leave the house without it being ” ON FLEEK” ( *sarcastic voice lol ). Which leads me to my next issue. EYEBROWS… SMH. Ladies it is have a chance to redeem yourself from those hideous eyebrow arches that you have been attempting to draw. Now I will be the first to say that I barely know how to put makeup on. I have my friends or my MUA ( makeup artist) do it for me, because I refuse to look crazy. We are in a world that has FREE ACCESS TO YOUTUBE! Please do yourself a favor and watch all the videos you need in order to perfect your eyebrows. Take a picture and send it to your friends to make sure it is decent enough to leave the house. Ladies I ask you.. please take care of your eyebrows and stop abusing them. I hereby announce that you can only use the phrase ” on fleek” for your eyebrows when you have mastered how to do them. This will be the year of calling people out! Don’t be one of the people to get your feelings hurt.. it is only love… So how long will this fad last.. who knows but it has everyone saying it.. even when the phrase does not fit. It is definitely catchy so I feel as though we may be hearing it for a while. There are almost 100,000 pictures on instagram with the hashtag #onfleek. Don’t believe me.. hashtag it yourself. Don’t like the word… Stop using it.. otherwise get used to it.

Let us pray ….


Much better ! Everyone has different facial features… so make sure it fits YOU!


– Madam Gech

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