New Year … New Me ?

new year

CONGRATULATIONS to making it to 2015!!! Whew have made it to DAY 6 out of the 365 days of the year. Of course with a new year comes new GOALS and RESOLUTIONS. Now you are either one excited for this fresh start or really just see it as another day. Are you the person who has their vision board ready to go, or has a journal for the next few weeks to jot down your personal growth and changes that occur in your life? Or you are the complete opposite. Its a new year… so what ? If I did not start making those changes already then what is the point now? Or you look down upon others who choose to review their mistakes made in the past year, and set goals for themselves to be better. If you are either one of them.. well if it works for you then go right ahead. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so feel free to agree to disagree. I feel that entering a new year gives you a fresh start and a new perspective on life. Now I will say let’s make attainable goals and resolutions for ourselves. So by the third week in January you won’t already have found an excuse on why you can’t go to the gym, yet have found the latest new place to eat in town. Always strive to do better than you did the day before, the week before, or even a month before. Life is a struggle but we all can make it with hard work and dedication. So I ask you what changes would you like to see made in your life? Is your attitude getting in the way of you achieving your personal best? Start off small..Make weekly goals for yourself and trust me, it will take you a long way. And hopefully when you reach the end of 2015 you can look back and smile at a successful year! Stay blessed &  Happy New Year!

-Madam Gech

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